On this page you find downloadable files, all related to GreenGran, biobased, biodegradable, natural fibre reinforced polymer composite granules. The files can be downloaded directly by clicking on the selected reference.

GreenGran's current granules portfolio

    N021J (high melt flow general purpose grade)
    N023J (general purpose grade)
(engineering grade)

    P021J (Fully biobased grade)
(fully biobased engineering grade)

    F022J (V0 flame retardant grade)
    F023J (5VB flame retardant grade)

    B621J (heavy weight waterworks grade)


GreenGran presentations (selection)

    Cologne 2012 (introducing GG family, products and services)
GreenGran BN (detailed properties, UK/Chinese)



Press and publications (selection)

    Interview in CAPITAL magazine
    Innovation Award - biobased material of the year
    Interview in Chemie magazine (Dutch)
                Policy paper on Bio-based Economy in the EU
                Bioplastics in Europe - Potential of the Bio-based Economy
                Doorbreken van de innovatieparadox (Dutch)
                H.L. Bos, The Potential of Flax Fibres as Reinforcement for Composite
                Materials, Thesis, May 27, TU Eindhoven,  (2004)