Material Advice

Whether you like to switch to biobased and biodegradable materials, or you just prefer alternatives to your current oil-based granules, there is always a good reason to use the raw materials from GreenGran BN.

We like to advise which unique grade is the best alternative to the engineering plastics you currently use. Of course there is no such thing as a 1:1 replacement in material properties. Our experience learns that it not necessary to find a 1:1 replacement. In many cases the plastics you currently use are over-dimensioned for meeting the product specs. In some cases, the choice is simply historical development.

To make it easy, just click below on the type of polymer you now use, and want to replace by the biobased alternative. Please consider the advise given as a first step. Next step would be to contact our experts. They can give more detailed info on the granules' portfolio and assist you during the first processing trials.


Which engineering plastic do you currently use?