About GreenGran

Founded in 2008, GreenGran BN combines more than 30 years of experience in industrial plastics processing with 20 years of R&D in bioplastics and natural fibre composites. As producer of bio-composite granules for injection moulding applications, GreenGran BN is ready to serve the bio-based economy. Our innovative materials can economically and technically compete with traditional engineering plastics.

Our team of skilled technicians and our sustainable, recycle-able and cradle-to-cradle product portfolio enable us to provide smart solutions, matching your green requirements.

Our natural fibre reinforced polymer composite granules are available in both standard and tailor made compositions. We also supply flame retardant grades, providing an ecological solution for applications requiring material of good strength and higher performance. Fully bio-based matrix compounds, such as PLA and PHB, are also available for all sustainable or bio-degradable solutions.

Not only do we supply granules, we provide smart and green solutions for our customers. And for their customers. This means that we first select suitable material grades, based on the final product requirement. Next, we advise injection moulders on-site on how to process our materials - on existing machineries - into products.

Our current production is located in Hong Kong. Increased capacity is projected for 2018, including production in Europe.

We care a lot. Care for the environment and care for your economic return. Care for your product/market combinations and care for a sustainable supply chain. Solution- and service driven. Co-creating the transition from the oil- to the biobased economy.